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Bodegas Mauro Estévez's focus on quality: A mix of tradition and advancement

Mauro Estévez Wineries: A Mix of Tradition and Innovation

Quality above all:

Bodegas Mauro Estévez is a winery that combines tradition with innovation. The winery's philosophy is "Quality above all", which means that at all times they try to control the quality of the final product, the wine, from the harvest of the grapes in the vineyard to the wine served at the table. .

The Preparation Process:

The wine making process at Bodegas Mauro Estévez begins with the personal care of each of its strains. The grapes are manually picked in small 18 kg boxes to ensure that they arrive at the winery in perfect condition. Once in the winery, the grapes are destemmed and macerated with dry ice for 3 hours and pressed to obtain optimal quality must. Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature in individual tanks, and is monitored to obtain the best characteristics of the wines. After fermentation, the wines rest in the tanks for 7 months, after filtering they are bottled manually and rest for 2 months to mature.

The Vineyard of Bodegas Mauro Estévez

Bodegas Mauro Estévez has a vineyard made up of 2.5 hectares in more than 10 plots. The main farms are A Galiana, O Sequeiro and A Tapada, located on the slopes of the Arnoia River in sunny and airy areas with granite and clay soils. The winery has a plurality of native varieties such as Treixadura, Torrontes, Loureira, Godello, Albariño and Lado, highlighting the Lado variety with centuries-old vines.

Customized Viticulture at Bodegas Mauro Estévez

Each of the strains at Bodegas Mauro Estévez is cared for personally, listening to their needs and providing them with what they need at all times. The winery offers personalized viticulture and a unique combination of tradition and technology to produce high quality wines.

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