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Explore the artistry of winemaking with Katavi Wines, a symbol of exceptional craftsmanship and unwavering dedication. Immerse yourself in a selection of outstanding vintages from esteemed wineries in Spain and Italy.

Our carefully curated collection, thoughtfully assessed by experienced sommeliers, promises a unique and delightful experience for even the most refined tastes.

Guided by a dedication to quality, we present wine enthusiasts a delightful range that captures the grace, richness, and authenticity of terroir. Enhance your wine selection with our choice of bold reds, crisp whites, and nuanced expressions of traditional and contemporary winemaking.

At Katavi, we take pride in our sustainable and responsible sourcing practices. By collaborating with environmentally conscious wineries, we are committed to ensuring that each sip contributes to a more eco-friendly future.

We distribute our wines across Europe. Reach out to us today to explore potential partnerships.

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