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Discovering the Godelia Winery: A Refuge of Tradition and Sustainability on the Camino de Santiago

Bodegas Godelia: a family winery in El Bierzo

Bodegas Godelia is a family winery located in the district of Pieros, a small town belonging to the municipality of Cacabelos, in the León region of El Bierzo. Its privileged location on the Camino de Santiago makes it a witness to the passage of pilgrims towards Santiago de Compostela and that is why the scallop, symbol of the Camino, is also the emblem of the winery.

Architecture and landscape at Bodegas Godelia

The architecture of the winery is perfectly integrated into the landscape and is based on the typical farmhouses of the area. Godelia was born in 2009 thanks to the passion for viticulture of the García Rodríguez family, who wanted to create a new agronomic concept that consisted of making wines according to traditions, but in a sustainable way.

Varieties and soils at Bodegas Godelia

The winery has 40 hectares of vineyards dedicated to the Mencía, Godello and Doña Blanca varieties. Its soils, some more than 80 years old and located on slopes, are composed of fine elements, pebbles and slate that provide minerality and acidity to the wines. The clays act as a water store for the plant, while the quartzites help in drainage and root expansion.

The unique microclimate of Bodegas Godelia

Furthermore, Godelia enjoys a unique microclimate, the result of the mixture of the Mediterranean, Atlantic and continental climates. This microclimate produces a temperature difference between day and night of 8 to 15 ºC in summer, which favors the retention of sugars, the formation of aromas, the maturation of tannins and, ultimately, produces wines with a unique personality.

The manual harvest at Bodegas Godelia

The harvest is manual and is carried out with collections in 15 kilogram boxes.

A Unique Winery in the Leonese Region

Bodegas Godelia is a special winery in every sense. Its location on the Camino de Santiago, its architecture integrated into the landscape and its environmentally friendly production process make it a unique winery in the Leonese region. It offers a unique experience for both pilgrims and wine lovers and its sustainable production philosophy demonstrates its commitment to the environment and tradition.

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