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Discover Tardana, the native white grape of the Spanish Levant.

La Tardana is a native oenological gem of Spain, which is mainly grown in the eastern Spanish region, specifically in the Utiel-Requena area. This grape, although largely overshadowed by its older sister, Bobal, has enormous potential and deserves to be known and appreciated.

The late maturation and hardness of the skin of the Tardana allows the production of unique white wines.

One of the most notable characteristics of Tardana is its late maturation, which means that it is harvested after the red varieties. Thanks to the hardness of its skin, this grape can mature slowly, balanced and complete, allowing the production of unique, high-quality white wines, without the need for corrections in the winery. In addition, its hard skin also makes it resistant to inclement weather, making it a rustic variety that is adaptable to the terrain.

La Tardana: a rustic grape adaptable to the terrain, highly valued by winemakers.

In the DO Utiel-Requena, this grape produces wines of a soft straw color with golden tones, very intense on the nose and with fruity aromas. In the mouth, they are fresh and balanced, very structured and persistent. It is a grape highly valued by oenology experts, as it allows the production of white wines with a unique personality.

La Tardana: the oenological jewel of the Spanish Levant that is awakening the interest of winemakers.

Production of orange wines: Tardana, a variety preferred by winemakers.

In recent years, Tardana has begun to awaken the interest of some winemakers who are discovering its enormous potential. In particular, this grape has become one of the preferred varieties for the production of orange wines, also known as brisado wines or white wines with skins. These wines are made by macerating the must with the grape skins for a certain period of time, which allows not only the color but also the unique aromas and flavors found in the grape skins to be extracted.

Discover Tardana: a white grape variety with enormous oenological potential.

Without a doubt, Tardana is a grape that you should try if you are a lover of good wine. This indigenous white grape variety has unmatched oenological potential, and is capable of offering a unique and memorable flavor experience. So, don't hesitate to try it and discover everything it can offer!

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