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Do not wait more! Discover the "Flavor and Passion" pack and immerse yourself in a unique oenological experience.

Discover a universe of sensations with our exclusive " Taste and Passion " wine package. Immerse yourself in the freshness and boldness of El Pícaro , a young red wine that challenges limits. Enjoy the perfect balance between youth and experience with El Recio , a red wine that seduces with its softness and maturity. Let the wisdom and complexity of El Viejo envelop you, a red from a selected vintage that reveals all its sophistication. And let yourself be surprised by the risky personality of La JEFA , a creamy and enveloping white. Explore the art of wine with "Sabor y Pasión", a sensory journey that will captivate all your senses.

Discover the freshness and boldness of El Pícaro, an exceptional red wine that will pleasantly surprise you. Its typical red fruit and perfect balance make it an unbeatable option. With an unbeatable quality-price ratio, this wine has conquered the hearts of the public. Its original label and its richness of sensations, despite its young age, make it irresistible.
In the mouth, enjoy an intense and powerful experience with a sweet and pleasant entry. Remember to serve it between 12 and 14 ºC to fully appreciate its qualities.

Combine El Pícaro with delicious dishes such as confit cod, grilled bluefin tuna, moussaka or Cecina de León, and you will see how its unique flavor is enhanced even more.

Don't miss your chance to experience the bravery of El Pícaro! Let yourself be seduced by its freshness and irreverent character. Grab a bottle now and discover a wine that defies expectations!


El Recio: Discover the perfect fusion between youth and experience

El Recio is the perfect fusion between youth and experience, revealing his serenity, perseverance and strength. This imposing wine has great elegance, the result of biodynamic viticulture and slightly prolonged aging in barrels. You will be surprised by the unique combination of the characteristic power of Toro wines with a softness in the mouth that distinguishes it as an exceptional red wine.

Discover the perfect fusion of youth and experience in El Recio. With its unique elegance and exceptional balance, this imposing wine will surprise you. Experience the power of Toro wines with exceptional softness in the mouth. Get your bottle of El Recio in our online store and enjoy an extraordinary wine experience!


La Jefa: Discover the unique charm of this exceptional white wine

In Toro , white wines are an uncommon rarity. However, at Matsu they ventured to look for those authentic gems to create La Jefa . Made mainly with the Malvasía variety and a selection of grapes from centuries-old vineyards, some even more than 150 years old, this white wine surprises us with its delicate, elegant and light character, defying the expectations of this dyeing land.

With a straw yellow color of medium intensity and grayish highlights, La Jefa seduces at first sight. On the nose, its complexity is revealed with notes of vanilla, ripe pome fruits and subtle creamy touches. Aging in foudres provides a sweet harmony and a great diversity of nuances. In the mouth, this wine envelops us with its enveloping and glyceric texture, providing an exquisite creaminess. Its balanced acidity and fine structure add elegance and complexity to each sip. Discover the pleasure of sweet nuances and refined texture that enrich its character.

It is recommended to serve La Jefa at a temperature of 16ºC to fully enjoy its charm.

Explore this exceptional white wine that defies convention and immerse yourself in a unique experience for wine lovers!


Choose Excellence: Discover the Exceptional Wine of Matsu in the DO Toro

Discover Matsu's most precious treasure, the Vintae wine project in the DO Toro. Choose excellence with this exceptional wine available only in special vintages! Created to capture the essence of those who have dedicated their lives to the countryside, its evolution in the bottle will leave you speechless, revealing its maximum potential.

With a deep cherry red color and violet highlights on the edge, its imposing appearance does not go unnoticed. On the nose, complexity reaches its peak with a richness of aromas that will delight you. Ripe black fruits intertwine with creamy and sweet notes from the barrel, and spicy nuances provide an irresistible final touch.

In the mouth, it unfolds with kindness and softness, conquering with its fullness and voluptuousness. The complexity is present, revealing the excellence of its maturation thanks to the old, low-yielding vineyards.

Don't wait any longer and enjoy this exceptional wine at its best! Serve at an ideal temperature of 16ºC and pair with grilled, roasted red meats and small game. Embark on a journey of flavor and elegance with this exceptional wine that will captivate you with every sip!


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