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Discover the secrets of the Bobal grape: everything you need to know about this native Spanish variety

Bobal is a variety of red grape native to Spain, cultivated mainly in the Manchuela region and the Requena-Utiel region, where it is considered the most important native variety. It is a strain that is very resistant to inclement weather and pests, which makes it highly appreciated for organic cultivation. In addition, it is very productive due to the size of its clusters, which are very large and compact, and the size of the grain, which is medium-large.

History and characteristics of the Bobal grape

The origins of the Bobal grape date back to the 14th century on the southeast coast of the Iberian Peninsula, and since then it has spread throughout the interior regions until it was established in the DO Utiel-Requena, where it represents 67% of the production in this denomination. originally. It is also cultivated in Manchuela and Ribera del Júcar (Cuenca), but to a lesser extent.

Versatility of the Bobal grape in wine making

Bobal is resistant to drought and powdery mildew, but very fragile to mildew. It is a late-sprouting strain, which gives it some resistance to frost, but it is sensitive to late spring colds. It is a very versatile variety in terms of its production and is mainly used to make young rosé and red wines, although its great potential is in aging wines.

Production of red and rosé wines with Bobal grapes in the DO Utiel-Requena

The red wines produced with Bobal have a tannic character, with aromas of spices and red fruits, particularly cherry. They usually have little alcohol and high acidity. The best wines are the result of very precise work during the harvest and the subsequent aging in oak barrels. Bobal rosé wines usually have very fresh and fruity aromas.

Research and development in the Utiel-Requena region to promote the Bobal grape

In the DO Utiel-Requena, the red wines made with Bobal are of great intensity of color, powerful structure, great body and aromatic and flavor complexity. The rosés have a color with violet nuances and aromas of red fruits, they are fresh, round in the mouth and balanced.

Bobal, an underrated grape that is gaining prominence in the world of wine

In summary, Bobal is a grape with great potential to produce wines of high quality and originality. Its ability to produce wines with great body, structure and aromatic and flavor complexity makes it a highly valued grape by winemakers and wine lovers. If you have not yet tried a wine made with Bobal, don't wait any longer and do so. We are sure it will surprise you.

In my personal opinion, and taking into account the tastes of our clients, I would like to recommend some wines from the Carres winery, the winery has been able to make the most of the potential of the Bobal grape to produce wines of exceptional quality.

Of course! As a lover of the world of wine, I cannot help but recommend the Carres winery and its impressive variety of wines made with the Bobal grape. The winery has achieved an exceptional balance between quality and diversity in its products.

Among the wines from the Carres winery that have impressed me the most are the Olivastro, the Membrillera and the Malarado (rosé) wine, which are undoubtedly a unique and exquisite tasting experience. In addition, Sabinilla is a white wine that I especially recommend for those looking to relax and enjoy a smooth and fresh flavor. And, if what you are looking for is a complete experience, Pico d'Aliga is an exceptional wine that will not disappoint you at all.

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