Packs of 5 wines: Spanish Elegance Selection

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Packs of 5 wines: Spanish Elegance Selection

Welcome to the Spanish Elegance Selection, where sophistication and flavor dance in harmony in each glass! This collection is like a wine fashion show, and each wine is a unique and elegant piece. Allow us to introduce you to the jewels in this selection:

1 Bottle - Primordium Private Edition (DO Ribera del Duero):

Experience the luxury of Ribera del Duero with Primordium Private Edition. This wine is like a tailored suit, designed to impress. With each sip, you will immerse yourself in the intensity and elegance that only Ribera del Duero can offer.

1 Bottle - Das Tapias Treixadura Special Reserve (DO Monterrei):

From the magical lands of Monterrei comes Das Tapias Treixadura Reserva Especial, a true masterpiece. This wine is like a ballet on the palate, with notes of freshness and complexity that will transport you to the sunny vineyards of Galicia.

1 Bottle - White Sabinilla (DO Utiel-Requena):

Sabinilla Blanco is the hidden pearl of Utiel-Requena, a wine that awakens the senses with its elegance and freshness. It's like a white dress at a summer party, refreshing and full of style. Get ready for a unique experience.

1 Bottle - Iselen Blanco (Tempranillo Blanco and Verdejo):

Iselen Blanco is the perfect fusion between tradition and innovation. With Tempranillo Blanco and Verdejo, this wine is like an impressionist painting, with vibrant colors and a palette of flavors that will leave you speechless. A jewel of Spanish oenology!

1 Bottle - Iselen Tinto (Tempranillo):

With Iselen Tinto, Tempranillo takes the stage with a stellar performance. This wine is like an exciting drama, with captivating aromas and a finish that leaves you wanting more. It is the very essence of oenological elegance.

Each bottle of the Spanish Elegance Selection is a statement of style and class. So dress in your best outfit, uncork a bottle, and prepare for a wine experience that will leave your guests speechless. Cheers to Spanish elegance!

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The sale of alcohol to minors under 18 years of age is prohibited. Responsible consumption is recommended.

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