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Marta Mate Rosado, a refreshing rosé wine, is a delicious blend of 70% Tinto Fino and 30% Albillo. This cheerful creation comes from Bodegas Marta Maté in the DO Ribera del Duero, specifically from the Tubilla del Lago subzone.

Marta Maté, this single-varietal Tempranillo is made with grapes that grow in the old vines of Tubilla del Lago and in an organic vineyard in Gumiel de Mercado, located at almost 1000 meters of altitude. Each one with its characteristics and a common point, its limestone soil. Its 14 months in French oak give the wine an almost velvety texture. A wine that is pure pleasure with the signature of Marta Maté, the union formed by Marta Castrillo and César Maté.

Allow me to introduce you to the El Holgazán wine from Bodegas Marta Maté, a red wine from the Ribera del Duero DO made with Tempranillo grapes grown in the "El Holgazán" estate of Tubilla del Lago. This special place is located at 920 meters above sea level, offering an impressive view of the Gromejón River and a microclimate influenced by the Cervera mountain range. These unique characteristics give the wine a unique flavor and aroma. With an alcohol content of 14% and a production limited to 45,500 bottles, El Holgazán is an exclusive and high-quality option. The name of this wine is due to the estate where the Tempranillo grapes are grown, the "El Holgazán" estate of Tubilla del Lago, derived from the Latin term "tuillan" which means tuff, limestone rock, it is where a cluster of vines with characteristic singular.

Viñas del Lago is a high quality red wine, produced by Bodegas Marta Maté in the prestigious Ribera del Duero DO. Its origin is found in the vineyards located in the town of Tubilla del Lago, located on slopes with views of the impressive Gromejón River and at an altitude of 900 meters, where the grapes are influenced by the climate and soil of the Sierra de Cervera. This combination of factors allows the grapes to reach their optimal point of maturity, resulting in a wine with a characteristic aroma and flavor.

Designation of Origin:

RIBERA DEL DUERO, a designation of origin home to which vineyards are housed, is located in Castile and León, within a strip of the basin of the Douro River, about 115 kilometers long and about 35 km wide, located at the confluence of the provinces of Soria, Burgos, Segovia and Valladolid.

Technical information

Receive it in 24 - 48 hours on the peninsula
The winery: Bodegas Marta Maté Winery

Brand: Marta Maté

D.O: Ribera del Duero

Type: Red wine

Vintage: 2019

Degree: 14.1% vol

Variety: 100% Tempranillo


Pink wine
Appellation of origin
Ribera del Duero
Vintage 2022
75% Tinto Fino and 25% Albillo
In the area of ​​Valgordo, one of the coolest areas of Tubilla del Lago, at 930 m altitude. Manual harvest in boxes
Early harvest for the production of our teardrop rosé. Fermented with indigenous yeasts at low temperature for 29 days. Respectful of the environment in all phases of the process, from the practice of sustainable viticulture at the origin to completing the production in the winery.
6 months of aging in concrete on its lees, performing bâttonage once a week.
Not stabilized by cold.
2,900 bottles
14.10% Vol.
Total acidity/pH
6.28g/l / 3.08

Data sheet:

The winery: Bodegas Mata Maté

Brand: Lake Vines

DO:Ribera del Duero

Type: Red wine

Vintage: 2018

Degree: 13.5% vol

Variety:88% Tempranillo, 5% Albillo, 7% Garnacha

Data sheet:

The winery: Bodegas Marta Maté

Brand: El Hogazan

D.O: Ribera del Duero

Type: Red wine

Vintage: 2020

Degree: 14% vol

Variety: 100% Tempranillo

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