500 ml containers. Alfafarenca. Blanqueta-Olive oil

Long description

Originally from Muro de Alcoy, a town in the Comtat - Alicante region.

It is also known by the names Blanca and Blancaleta, names that refer to the whitish color of the fruit during veraison.

Medium-sized tree, not very vigorous, with an upright bearing and grayish-white appearance, with a small elliptical-lanceolate leaf, small medium-sized fruit 1.8 - 2.3 grams.

Technical information

Weight 1kg

It is an intense and aromatic, bitter and fruity green oil with a characteristic spiciness from the polyphenols, which give the oil its antioxidant properties.

Farmers in the area have appreciated Alfafarenca oil because it is very resistant to rancidity.

Suitable for:

Perfect for preserving food (sausages, cheeses...). It also enhances the flavor of hams and cheeses.

Also ideal for game meats and raw cheeses.

It can be used for frying as it has good heat resistance.

More information:

Rontonar Aceites, located in the interior of Alicante, in the municipality of Benifallim, at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level.

The Alfafarenca olive ripens late and is harvested between the end of November and January. When ripe, it has a characteristic dark purple color that reaches reddish tones.

Rontonar works with sustainable agriculture; The cultivation is carried out in small terraced plots, which favor fauna and flora, while preserving the soil and the environment. No synthetic chemicals are used, and irrigation is done solely with rain. All olives are natural.