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1730 Pedro Ximenez
This wine, although it has a high sugar content, is not cloying at all, due to the balance between sugar, acidity and polyphenolic substances.

Our Pedro Ximénez 1730 is a magnificent example of what a Pedro Ximénez de Jerez should be, it is a gem, the result of years of aging in American oak casks.

1730 Pedro Ximénez in detail


Mahogany color with very pronounced tearing due to its great density. It has an aroma with a predominant smell of raisins and has notes of toasted sugar, coffee, as well as light notes of wood and vanilla.
In the mouth it is sweet without being cloying, warm and velvety. It has an exquisite raisin flavor with notes of coffee and wood, with a slightly bitter aftertaste. Great persistence in the mouth.


Pairs with blue cheeses (Cabrales, Gorgonzola or Roquefort) and desserts such as vanilla ice cream, cheesecake with red berries. Dark chocolate is the perfect ally.

Technical information

Data sheet:

The winery: Bodegas Álvaro Domecq

Brand: 1730 Pedro Ximénez

D.O: Jerez

Type: Fortified

Aging: 30 years of aging

Degree: 17% vol

Variety: 100% Pedro Ximenez

Discover the authentic flavor and aroma of Pedro Ximénez 1730 from Bodegas Álvaro Domecq now available online for purchase.


Pedro Ximénez 1730 from Bodegas Álvaro Domecq is a fortified wine from Sherry. This wine has been made with the Pedro Ximénez grape variety and has been aged for 30 years in American oak barrels.

The Pedro Ximénez 1730 stands out for its dark color and its complex combination of aromas, which include raisins, dates, dried figs, cedar, twig, cloves and walnuts. In the mouth, it is smooth, balanced and powerful, with an intensity of flavor nuances and a long finish without being cloying.

This wine is a perfect combination with blue cheeses such as Cabrales, Gorgonzola or Roquefort, and sweet desserts such as vanilla ice cream or cheesecake with red berries. Additionally, dark chocolate is an ideal companion to complement the flavor experience.

NB: The sale of alcohol to minors under 18 years of age is prohibited. Responsible consumption is recommended.

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