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1730 Palo Cortado in detail

Dark brown in color and shiny in appearance. On the nose it has great aromatic intensity, slightly sharp as a reminder of the organic aging, aromas of dried fruits and deep wood notes typical of its long aging period. In the mouth it is very intense, warm and velvety, with notes of nuts and wood. The licorice flavor predominates in the aftertaste. Great persistence in the mouth.


It combines well with countless dishes, although due to its complexity and richness of nuances it is the ideal wine to drink alone or in moments of calm in which its characteristics can be appreciated in more detail.

Technical information

Data sheet:

The winery: Bodegas Álvaro Domecq

Brand: 1730 Palo Cortado

D.O: Jerez

Type: Fortified

Aging: 30 years of aging

Degree: 21% vol

Variety: 100% Palomino

Let yourself be seduced by the richness and intensity of flavor of Álvaro Domecq's 1730 Palo Cortado, reserve it now and discover why it is a true aged gem!


Álvaro Domecq's 1730 Palo Cortado is an excellent example of the best palo Cortado from Jerez. This wine has been made with the Palomino grape variety and has been aged for 30 years in American oak barrels. With a capacity of 75 cl, it is adorned with the Denomination of Origin Jerez and is classified as a fortified wine.

As for its flavor, this palo Cortado has great aromatic intensity, with notes of dried fruits and a deep woody aroma due to its prolonged aging period. In the mouth it is intense, warm and smooth, with flavors of nuts and wood.

This wine combines well with many dishes, but due to its complexity and richness of nuances, it is the ideal wine to enjoy alone or in moments of tranquility, thus allowing you to appreciate its characteristics in greater detail.

NB: The sale of alcohol to minors under 18 years of age is prohibited. Responsible consumption is recommended.

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