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Discover the Magic of Beaujolais Carbon Maceration Wines: A Unique Experience for Wine Lovers

Wines made with the carbonic maceration technique are a true treasure for wine enthusiasts. With their fresh characteristics and intense aromas, these young wines have been produced in Rioja Alavesa and Alta for many years, but despite their distinctive flavor, they have not yet achieved the popularity they deserve due to a lack of knowledge among aficionados and sommeliers. Carbonic maceration is a winemaking technique that involves submerging whole grapes in a closed container filled with carbon dioxide, which protects the musts from oxidation and allows for slower fermentation, resulting in wines with a fresh flavor and a intense aroma.

In this article, we will delve into the production technique of Beaujolais carbonic maceration wines. From their characteristics to their production process, we will explain what makes them unique. We hope to spark a new interest in you to try these wines and discover for yourself why they are a true delight for wine lovers. With their refreshing flavor and intense aroma, carbonic maceration wines are a unique experience that you should definitely not miss.

Exploring the Origins of Carbonic Maceration Wines: A Story of Innovation and Perfection

The art of making carbonic maceration wines has its roots in the history of viticulture. In 1872, scientist Louis Pasteur made the first known reference to this manufacturing process, but it was thanks to the exhaustive research of Michel Flanzy and his son Claude in the 20th century that its true potential began to be understood.

Carbonic maceration wines are a French product par excellence, with the Gamay de Beaujolais variety as its main exponent. Every year, on the third Thursday of November, the production of these wines is celebrated with a festival known throughout the world.

In Spain, carbonic maceration wines are also made using the Tempranillo grape variety, offering a unique experience for wine lovers. Despite its ancient existence, there are still circles in which this technique is little known, making it a true treasure for those who appreciate it. In short, carbonic maceration wines are a perfect combination of innovation and perfection.

Discovering the exclusive production of carbonic maceration wines: characteristics and considerations

The process of making carbonic maceration wines is unique and differs from other wine production processes. Instead of destemming and crushing the grapes, the entire bunches are placed in a container and take advantage of the natural fermentation that occurs in the intact grapes in an anaerobic environment. Fermentation begins with native yeasts in the stem of the grapes and continues with an intracellular and enzymatic fermentation in the grapes that are not immersed in the must. Over time, the grapes break down due to the bazuqueo process.

Some winemakers control the atmosphere in the vessel by adding carbon dioxide to create an oxygen-free environment to optimize fermentation. It is important to remember that the volume inside the container decreases, so it is necessary to fill it completely. The temperature inside the container increases to 30-32ºC, so care must be taken not to exceed this temperature to preserve the unique characteristics of the carbonic maceration wine.

Discover the magic of carbonic maceration wines: a unique experience for wine lovers

The bottom line about carbonic maceration wines is that they are a lovely option for those who appreciate young, fresh wines without artificial additives. This type of wine is made in a unique way, taking advantage of the spontaneous processes that occur in the grapes without being torn or crushed.

The production process of carbonic maceration wines is special and differentiated from other types of wines, because it is carried out under an anaerobic environment and without the addition of yeasts. This means that the wines are completely natural products, without the need to add chemicals or additives.

During production, the entire bunches of grapes are placed in a tank and the weight of the grapes crushes and breaks the berries that are located below the tank, thus producing the must and initiating the alcoholic fermentation. In addition, intracellular and enzymatic fermentation within each berry results in better use of the natural aromas and flavors of the grapes.

In addition, some winemakers close the tank and add carbon dioxide to achieve an oxygen-free atmosphere, which results in an environment conducive to fermentation and the development of aromas and flavors.

It is important to note that during the process of making carbonic maceration wines, the temperature can increase up to 30-32°C, so care must be taken not to exceed this temperature to avoid the loss of the unique characteristics of the wine. .

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