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De Batea de LaFou Celler: a unique experience in the world of wine

The philosophy of LaFou Celler in the world of wine

LaFou de Batea , LaFou Celler 's wine is a unique experience in the world of wine that stands out for its philosophy based on micro winemaking. Instead of producing wine in large quantities using grapes from different vineyards, LaFou Celler focuses on creating individual wines that reflect the personality and essence of each vineyard. This is achieved through small, separate vinifications that allow each grape variety to express itself in its maximum splendor.

LaFou de Batea, 2018 vintage: a perfect balance of flavors and aromas

The 2018 vintage is a perfect example of this philosophy. The combination of 85% red and hairy Grenache with 15% Samsó creates a perfect balance of flavors and aromas. The wine has a deep cherry color and offers a wide array of aroma sensations, with nuances of raw hazelnut, red fruit and balsamic, as well as hints of undergrowth that evolve towards notes of plum and black olive. On the palate, the fresh entry refers to the fruit, while the good acidity balances the sweetness of the Grenache, resulting in a long and satisfying finish.

LaFou de Batea a careful production process

The production process is equally careful and detailed. The harvest is manual and the grapes are cooled in a cold room before entering the winery. Fermentation takes place in small open stainless steel tanks, and aging for 12 months in Central European oak barrels and concrete eggs adds depth and complexity to the wine.

LaFou Celler Wine Characteristics

This red wine has the Terra Alta Designation of Origin and comes in a 75 cl bottle with an alcoholic strength of 14.5%. Additionally, it contains sulfites. With its unique combination of flavors and aromas, it is perfect to pair with a variety of dishes, such as risotto al funghi, baked Highland lamb leg, beef stew, baked mackerel with potatoes and garlic or a chocolate brownie bitter.

LaFou de Batea: A jewel in the world of wine

In conclusion, LaFou Celler's most personal wine is a true gem in the world of wine. With its unique micro-winemaking philosophy and careful production process, each bottle is a celebration of the diversity and personality of each vineyard. If you are looking for a unique and exceptional wine, do not hesitate to try this wine from LaFou Celler.

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