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The "Mauro Estévez" is an exceptional white wine originating from the Arnoia riverbank in the south of the Ribeiro DO in Galicia, Northern Spain. The climate and air currents of this area favour the cultivation of native grape varieties, such as Treixadura, Lado, Albariño and Loureira, which make up this unique wine. The winemaking process is notable for its carbonic snow maceration, a method that allows the aromatic potential of the grapes to be extracted. The result is a surprising wine due to its complexity and its generous floral, saline and herbaceous notes, with a balanced and oily palate. Undoubtedly, it is a sure hit for any palate. The vintage is 2021 and has an alcohol content of 13% vol.

Technical specifications:

The winery: Mauro Estévez Winery

Brand: Mauro Estévez

D.O.: Ribeiro

Type: White wine

Vintage: 2021

Alcoholic content: 13% vol

Variety: Treixadura, Lado, Albariño, Loureira

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P.S.: The sale of alcohol to persons under the age of 18 is prohibited. Responsible consumption is recommended.

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