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Welcome to Abadal Matís

Abadal Matís is a high quality wine that represents the winery's commitment to innovation and its responsibility towards the territory in which it is located. The winery has carefully combined the distinctive characteristics of different grape varieties, both indigenous and international , to create a wine that is unique in its flavor and aroma. This combination of tradition and avant-garde is reflected in the final result, a wine that is both unique and balanced, and that represents the winery's vision for the future. With Abadal Matís , wine lovers can enjoy a unique sensory experience that adapts to the most demanding tastes.

The Creation of Abadal Matís

Abadal Matís is a wine that has been made with a careful combination of three grape varieties: El Mandó , Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot . Mandó is a historic grape that has been grown in the Bages region for centuries and plays an important role in the wine history of this area. The combination of El Mandó with two recognized international grape varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot , has resulted in a wine that perfectly reflects the identity and character of the region.

The first vintage of Abadal Matís , released in 2017, is the result of the experience and legacy of a family of winegrowers who have been growing vines in the Bages region for generations. With its deep knowledge of the land and grape varieties, the winery has created a wine that is a true reflection of the region and that honors the wine-growing tradition of Bages.

The Flavor and Aroma of Abadal Matís

Abadal Matís is a fresh and futuristic wine that offers a unique sensory experience to wine lovers. When you smell it, you can perceive intense aromas of ripe red fruit, spices and the distinctive touch of the Mandó variety, which gives it a unique and recognizable character.

On the palate, the wine shows a combination of details of carob , black pepper and balsamic notes , which give it a fresh and harmonious touch. These details perfectly complement the intense aromas and give the wine a perfect balance of flavor.

In addition, aging in fine oak barrels for 10 months provides maturity and notes of chocolate and tobacco , which give the wine additional complexity and depth. This combination of fresh and mature elements makes Abadal Matís a balanced and sophisticated wine, which is perfect to enjoy on any special occasion.

The Harvest and Vinification Process

Harvesting and vinification are key processes in winemaking, and in the case of Abadal Matís , they are carried out independently and autonomously to guarantee the highest quality and the best final blend . This means that each grape variety is harvested and vinified separately , with the aim of preserving its unique characteristics and qualities.

Independence and autonomy in harvesting and winemaking allows producers to optimize and adjust the process for each grape variety individually, and thus be able to obtain the best expression of each of them. In the end, the varieties are combined to create the final blend, resulting in a complex and balanced wine that perfectly reflects the identity of the region and the winery's vision for the future.

The Abadal Winery and its Commitment to the Territory

Abadal is a family winery with a long history and tradition in making quality wines. With a clear vision and a strong commitment to its territory, it seeks to express the identity of its landscape through its wines. To achieve this, Abadal has terraced vineyards surrounded by forests and clay soils, allowing it to create unique and singular wines that reflect the identity of the region.

In addition to its commitment to producing quality wines, Abadal is also a winery committed to the fight against climate change . They actively work to adopt sustainable practices and minimize their environmental impact, and are committed to preserving their territory for future generations.

Varieties, Breeding and Pairing of Abadal Matís

Abadal Matís is a refined and sophisticated wine that stands out in the market thanks to its unique combination of the Mandó , Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot varieties. After being made, this wine is matured for 10 months in fine oak barrels , which gives it a touch of maturity and complexity with notes of chocolate and tobacco.

It is recommended to serve Abadal Matís at a temperature of 14 to 15°C to enjoy its unique aroma and flavor to the fullest. This wine is the perfect combination for strong and elaborate dishes, such as rice with ribs and mushrooms , duck margret , pumpkin ravioli or Iberian ham with mushroom and truffle sauce, creating an unforgettable culinary experience.

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