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Made by the talented winemakers at Cellers Unió in the beautiful Priorat wine region, Tarragona, Spain.

celler unio

This wine carries with it the prestigious seal of the Priorat Qualified Denomination of Origin (DOC Priorat) . This means that it has gone through rigorous quality controls at every stage of its production, from harvesting to winemaking.

A wine from Vila de Poboleda Wine: An additional guarantee of origin and quality.

The Llicorella Pedro Ximenez has been honored with this distinction awarded by a panel of 40 expert tasters. Its origin and quality are backed by this distinction, giving you the certainty that you are about to enjoy something truly special.

Imagine uncorking a bottle of this wine, revealing a bright golden color that shines with life. The complex and seductive aromas envelop you, with a symphony of apricots and summer peaches, accompanied by citrus notes that awaken your senses.

Experience an unforgettable taste experience with its greasy texture and silky, creamy palate . Tropical fruit flavors intertwine with subtle balsamic touches, creating a unique experience in every sip. The aftertaste is long and fruity, leaving a pleasant sensation of nuts on the palate.

The Llicorella Pedro Ximenez is a true jewel that shines in the crown of Cellers Unió . In the Priorat region, it is considered a rarity, as it is made from a grape variety that is uncommon in local vineyards. This Mediterranean wine transports you to the charming forests of the area, with its fruity character and balsamic nuances that evoke nature.

Prepare your senses for an unforgettable experience with Llicorella Pedro Ximenez . Serve this wine at a temperature between 8 and 10 degrees to make the most of its freshness. It is perfect for a wide variety of occasions, both for those wine lovers looking for a white that reflects the land and ancestral traditions, and for those looking for something complex and powerful. Enjoy it alone or accompany it with dishes that highlight its complexity and character.

Llicorella Pedro Ximenez Katavi

Get ready for a unique experience full of personality with Llicorella Pedro Ximenez!


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