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Tabarca: a place of charm and natural beauty

Tabarca is an essential island to visit in the Valencian Community area. Known as the largest island in the region and the only inhabited one, Tabarca is a place full of charm and natural beauty. The best place to start the adventure of getting to know Tabarca is from Santa Pola, just twenty kilometers from Alicante and eight from Santa Pola.

Infrastructure and regulations to enjoy a quiet place

The island offers a unique quality of life, environment and intimacy. Tabarca has developed adequate infrastructure and rigorous protectionist regulations, allowing travelers to enjoy a quiet place.

Tabarca: a unique island in the Mediterranean

Tabarca is unique in the Mediterranean, since it does not have motor vehicles. The island offers a wide variety of tourist experiences, far from the traditional "sun and beach" tourism. Tabarca has been recognized as a Marine Reserve since 1986, a Historical-Artistic Site in 1964 and an Asset of Cultural Interest.

The Governor's House: the main tourist attraction of Tabarca

The main tourist attraction of Tabarca is the Governor's House, an 18th century building converted into a hotel and which has maintained much of its original structure.

Sant Pau or Nueva Tabarca: an impressive urban area

The island has an urban area known as Sant Pau or Nueva Tabarca, a walled area from the 18th century with impressive access gates. The eastern part of the island is a plain with beautiful vegetation and ancient architectural works.

The natural beauty of Tabarca: from the vegetation to the seabed

However, what is most surprising about Tabarca is its seabed, with meadows of posidonia, seahorses, sea turtles and crayfish, as well as cliffs and coves.

A visit to Tabarca: a unique opportunity to enjoy history, natural beauty and tranquility

A visit to Tabarca is an opportunity to enjoy a unique place in the world, full of history, natural beauty and tranquility.

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